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Sunday, March 27, 2011
Master Prospecting

You can master prospecting.

Improving your ability to prospect will have a direct impact on the number of presentations you make and the sales you close.

What does it mean to master prospecting?

It means knowing what you are going to say.

It means knowing how to respond.

It means knowing where to prospect.

Know what you are going to say
Prospecting requires a script, just like any other presentation. If you look at prospecting in terms of ďgetting a new prospect = making a sale,Ē you will better understand why an effective presentation is needed.

Know how to respond to objections
People always give objections. Know what they areóthere will only be a few, and you will hear them time and time again. Know how you will respond to these objections before you get them, and you will be more confident when responding.

Know where you are going to prospect
To improve your prospecting efforts, have a clear focus on what avenue you will persue for prospects. Every day, you should know where you will prospect and how you will approach that market.

Remember what Jeffrey Gitomer and I said about prospecting:

If you donít have people to see, nothing else matters.
Gary OíSullivan

Donít panic. Donít press too hard. Donít get down on yourself. Donít get mad. And above allódonít quit.
Jeffrey Gitomer, Little Red Book of Selling

Gary O'Sullivan
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