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Sunday, July 3, 2011
Avoid wasting time

You can avoid time wasters.

If you can identify and avoid the things that waste your time, you will be more productive every day.

What does it mean to avoid wasting time?

It means avoiding unproductive conversations.

It means avoiding unproductive activities.

It means avoiding unproductive thoughts.

Avoid unproductive conversations
Donít get caught up in conversations that are unproductive and waste your time. Have conversations that will bring value to your day and future.

Avoid unproductive activities
Donít spend time getting ready to get ready . . . and never actually getting ready. Unproductive activities are a form of procrastination, which often looks like action but in reality is the absence of productive effort.

Avoid unproductive thoughts
Negative thinking is a time waster. Donít think about what you are in fear of; think about what you need to get accomplished. Donít think getting rejected; think about how to respond effectively to rejection. Donít think about what you failed to do yesterday; think about what you are going to accomplish today. Donít think about why you canít; think about how you can.

Remember what Harvey MacKay and I said about wasting time:

Time is free; but it is priceless.
Harvey MacKay

People, who donít have anything to do, want to do it with you.
Gary OíSullivan

Gary O'Sullivan
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