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Tuesday, May 8, 2007
Five keys to being effective at obtaining referrals
One of the most important aspects of the sales process it to obtain referrals on a consistent basis.

Stay focused on being referable—It is important to be the kind of professional that people will be comfortable referring to their family, friends or business associates.

Make a commitment to ask every time—You must develop a referral mentality. Your attitude must be that you will ask for referrals from every presentation every time.

Have a referral presentation— Develop a mini-presentation for obtaining referrals. Over time you will develop a script that will be effective most every time.

Think referrals during the entire presentation —As you are making your presentation and people are mentioned, make a mental note. This way when you are asking for referrals you can suggest people whom they have already mentioned.

Have a specific place in the presentation where you ask—By having a specific place in your presentation to ask for referrals, it will become a vital part of your presentation.

"You are either selling yourself into or out of business.
When you get referrals you are selling yourself into more business."
Gary OíSullivan
Gary O'Sullivan
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