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Thursday, May 24, 2007
We become what we think about
When he was a young boy, Earl started to wonder why some people were so poor and had so little while others were rich and had so much. Why were some people so miserable and others so happy? Earl wanted to know what caused people to turn out like they did.

Earl spent the next twenty years of his life reading every book he could find — from religion to psychology — trying to discover why people turn out like they do; why some people fail when others succeed; why some find only despair while others continue to find joy. Then, when he was twenty-nine years old, Earl discovered what he called The Strangest Secret.

He happened upon a book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. Reading Hillís book, Earl realized that Hill was saying what every great religion had professed, what every great teacher had proclaimed. Although they had said it in different ways, they all were saying the same thing: "We become what we think about."

In 1956, Earl Nightingale recorded The Strangest Secret on an LP vinyl record, sharing his discovery that we become what we think about. This recording is the only one of its kind to ever sell over a million copies, and it is still available today on CD.

Nightingale called this secret strange because of the irony of it all. To him, this truth of why we become whatever it is we become is no "secret" at all; what's "strange" is that we donít all know about it!

Regardless of whether you did or didnít know about the strangest secret, now you do.

The question for you and me is, "What will we think about? How will we visualize our future? Will we think about success or failure? Will we think about how we can or why we canít?

The choice of what we think about is ours. And remember, as Earl Nightingale reminds us, "We become what we think about."
Gary O'Sullivan
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