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Monday, August 20, 2007
How to Keep Selling
In the world of direct selling, sales are created; they donít just happen. Successful sales professionals know that and take personal responsibility to make things happen. To accomplish their goals they know they must keep the sales process moving forward. To help in that process, here are three PrinciplePower concepts which, once discovered, understood, internalized, and acted on, will help you keep selling forward.

The Psychological Principle: What and how you think is the primary force in creating your future.
Power: Your thoughts and beliefs about your ability to perform, achieve, learn, and earn will become reality. If your thoughts are self-limiting, your future will be also. Yet if you have a clear vision of what you desire to achieve, it can be yours.

The Prospecting Principle:Consistency in selling requires consistency in prospecting.
Power: To keep your sales moving forward you must consistently be building your client base. Developing the proper attitude about prospecting and its importance to your future is essential to keeping your business moving forward.

The Performance Principle: All actions should be leading to a desired result.
Power: Selling is a paid-for-performance profession. Therefore, it requires discipline to do what needs to be done and the knowledge of your products and services. It also requires high levels of focus and commitment. Dealing with failure, overcoming objections, and the ability to close the sale are crucial aspects of performance.
Gary O'Sullivan
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