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Monday, October 29, 2007
Being assumptive
Successful sales people are proactive in their thoughts and actions. They assume the sale by making assumptive statements and by taking assumptive actions. To be successful in the sales process, you must have proactive thoughts and follow up with proactive action.

The PrincipleWhen you think assumptively and act on your thoughts, sales are created.
The Power – When sales professionals think about the next step in the sales process and then act on it, things start to happen. If their thoughts are proactive and assumptive, they will assume that the prospect is going to go to the next step or is going to buy.

Here are three principles to help you be more assumptive
Think in assumptive outcomes – Always think about how to keep the sales process moving forward and/or how to bring the sale to a positive conclusion. Think about how you will make the appointment happen; think about how you will see your prospect understand the benefits of your products and/or services; and think in assumptive terms about how you will bring the sale to a positive conclusion.

Speak in assumptive terms – When you are contacting your prospect, speak in positive terms. For example, "One of the ways you will benefit from the protection we offer is..." or "I was calling to find the best time for us to meet..." Learn to speak in positive and suggestive terms. Speak using verbiage that assumes things will move forward.

Take assumptive action - When working with a prospect, take assumptive action; be pleasantly assumptive, not dominating. For example, when explaining how something may appear on the agreement, have the agreement out and say, "It is here on this line that we would show the model; let me just write that number in here while we are looking at it." If you are on the phone, say something like, "Let me suggest that we go ahead and set the appointment now and if for some reason we need to reschedule we can. Would next Tuesday at 11:00 work for you?"

Remember: Being assumptive is not being aggressive. Being assumptive is simply being pleasantly positive in your thoughts, words, and actions.

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