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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
TAEO The Cycle to Success
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Principle How you think determines your attitude, which affects the quality of your effort, which determines your outcomes.

Success starts with the way you think. How you think determines your attitude. Your attitude determines the amount of effort you put forth. The quality of your effort determines your outcomes. When your outcomes are realized you think about how you feel about what you have accomplished. This creates a new attitude, which causes you to act in new ways (positive or negative), which, in turn, gets you new outcomes.

Power- From your thoughts come from your beliefs, self-image, and convictions. These and other factors of thought determine your attitude. Your attitude contains your feelings and what you believe you can or can't do. Your attitude controls your enthusiasm or lack of motivation. Your attitude establishes what you will do and how long you will do it. Your attitude in turn affects the type of effort you are willing to put forth. Once you get into action, the convictions and feelings you possess will have an effect on the outcomes you achieve.

Then, what you accomplish — your outcomes — will be evaluated by your thoughts. Again, how you explain to yourself the outcomes you have achieved will form a new attitude. This new attitude, positive or negative, will direct your actions. And once again your actions will determine your outcomes.

Remember: TAEO = Your Thoughts create your Attitude; which fuels your Effort which generates your Outcomes.
Gary O'Sullivan
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