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Saturday, February 10, 2007
Master Your Minutes
One reason people never get around to prospecting is they try to master their time by mastering their hours.

They tell themselves, "Tomorrow I'll set aside two hours and do nothing but prospect!"

Some write it down in their calendars. Others paste sticky-note reminders to their computer monitors.

But tomorrow comes and goes, and they never find those two hours. Things come up. They're called into meetings. Fires have to be put out. They keep looking for that two-hour block of time somewhere, anywhere, but it never shows up.

Depending on the type of selling situation you're in, you might never find the time to prospect if you try to master your hours.

Try mastering your minutes, instead.

Mastering your minutes is an especially promising strategy if you are a sales professional working in an office setting where other responsibilities have a way of intruding.

Don't try to carve out a 2-hour (or even 1-hour) block of time for prospecting. In fact, don't even frame your prospecting goals in terms of time spent. Instead, set a goal for the number of prospects you want to contact. Master your minutes to take steps toward that goal. Have the names and numbers of your leads and prospects handy and organized. While you're waiting for that staff meeting to start, make a call (or two or three). When an appointment is late—instead of making a fresh pot of coffee for the office— make calls.

If you are truly committed to your goals, are organized and prepared, and can get into the habit of mastering your minutes, you will find at the end of the day that you will have more new people to see.

And remember: without people to see, nothing else matters.
Gary O'Sullivan
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