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Friday, July 24, 2009
Daily Prospecting

You can make prospecting a daily activity.

Great years are made by great having great days.

What does it mean to prospect daily?

It means setting aside daily time to prospect.

It means having a goal.

It means having passion.

Have specific times to prospect every day
Prospecting should be a scheduled event every day. Prospecting should not take second place to lesser important activities. Having a set time every day to prospect forces all other activities to be secondary to your prospecting efforts.

Have a goal
Define what you intend to accomplish every day from your daily prospecting activities. The goals should be accomplishment focused, not activity focused. Activity focus says, “I will make fifty contacts.” Accomplishment focus says, “I will obtain four new prospects, regardless of the number of contacts I have to make.”

Have a passion
People who are passionate about their success, their future, and their income have a passion for prospecting because they understand that people who are consistent at selling are consistent at prospecting.

Remember what Sam Horn and I have said about prospecting:

Just because something is common sense, doesn’t mean it is common practice.
Sam Horn, author

Prospecting is the oxygen of the sales process. For your sales effort to sustain life, you must give it oxygen every day.
Gary O’Sullivan

Gary O'Sullivan
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