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Friday, September 18, 2009
Rejection Won't Hold You Back

You can stop letting rejection hold you back!

Every day you choose whether you will master rejection or if you will allow it to master you.

What does it mean to master rejection?

It means realizing that people are not rejecting you.

It means realizing that NO rejection is a BIG problem.

It means gaining focus from rejection.

People are not rejecting you
Donít take rejection personally. The person you are contacting, in many cases, has never met you, he or she is not rejecting you. If you, as a sales professional, acknowledge this to yourself, youíll have the ability to maintain a positive attitude.

No rejection = big problem
Most sales people, if they could, would make all the rejection they face just go away. What they donít realize is that if the challenges (rejection) sales people face went away, so would the opportunity of high earnings.

Get rejection, get focused
When you encounter rejection, get refocused on your goals, your mission, your passion, and your future. Donít let a temporary setback control your destiny.

Remember what Michael Korda and I have said about handling rejection:

The freedom to fail is vital if you are going to succeed. Most successful men fail time and time again, and it is a measure of their strength that failure merely propels them into some new attempt at success.
Michael Korda

Donít let people you donít even know control your future.
Gary OíSullivan

Gary O'Sullivan
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