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Friday, October 16, 2009
Handling Failure

YOU can find that the key to success in sales depends on how you handle failure.

Rejection is a form of failure. It causes disappointment and setbacks. How you handle rejection will have a tremendous impact on your ability to sustain long-term success in selling.

What does it mean to handle failure well?

It means seeing failure as learning.

It means using failure to develop your skills.

It means understanding that winning comes from losing.

Don’t see failure as failure
Lean to see failure as a part of your learning and growing experience. Every contact who rejects you—if you are not successful at overcoming their rejection—should teach you something.

Failing helps develop your skills
Every time you approach and contact and encounter rejection, you are also encountering an opportunity to practice your selling skills.

Only winners can keep losing
Winners understand that victory only comes if you are willing to lose. The more times you can lose (get rejected) and keep going, the more you ensure your next win.

Remember what Thomas Edison and I have said about failure:

I didn’t fail a thousand times; I learned a thousand ways that didn’t work.
Thomas Edison

It’s not how things look; it’s how you look at things.
Gary O’Sullivan

Gary O'Sullivan
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