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Saturday, February 27, 2010
Building Rapport #3

YOU can preplan your first impression.

You can and should preplan the first impression you give when you meet your prospect and just before you begin your sales presentation.

What does it mean to plan your first impression?

It means being prepared.

It means seeing yourself succeeding.

It means rehearsing.

Be prepared
Make sure your materials are in order and that they are clean, neat, and ready to be viewed by your prospect.

See yourself succeeding
Visualize yourself as making a powerful and effective presentation. See your prospect as being open to your ideas and concepts. See yourself as a confident and competent sales professional.

Rehearse, role-play, and review
Rehearse your presentation so that when you are ready to give it to a prospect, itís fresh in your mind. Role-play with an associate whom you believe to be better than you. This allows you to get positive feedback and improve your presentation skills. On your way to the appointment, review each step, page, and phrase. This will give you confidence and get you motivated about what you are selling.

Remember what Ralph Waldo Emerson and this ancient proverb have to say about preparation:

The skill to do comes from doing.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

To be prepared is to have no anxiety.
Ancient Proverb

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