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Friday, April 23, 2010
Disciplined presentations

You can be disciplined about making presentations.

A disciplined person is one who follows a proven path. A presentation is a proven path that helps you help the prospects understand how you can help them meet a need or solve a problem.

What does it mean to make disciplined presentations?

It means being disciplined when giving the presentation.

It means not “winging it.”
It means using a script to present a clear message.

Be disciplined in giving the presentation
Don’t be tempted to shortcut your presentation. The very part you leave out may be the thing that would have convinced your prospect to buy.

Don’t “wing it”
You may feel you know your products and services so well that you don’t need to make a formal presentation. You must remember that it is with a proven formula that sales are made.

Use a script
Scripts make sure the message is clear. As in the movies, so is it with your presentation: when the actor delivers the lines correctly, you can follow the plot. With a sales presentation, following the script ensures that the prospects will understand how the product or service you are selling will benefit them.

Remember what Robert Louis Stevenson and Benjamin Disraeli have said about disciplined selling:

Everyone lives by selling something.
Robert Louis Stevenson

The secret of success is constancy to purpose.
Benjamin Disraeli

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