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Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Overcoming objections

You can overcome objections.

Objections are a part of the sales process; people will give them in every sales presentation you will ever make. Your role is to understand why people give them and how to handle them effectively.

What does it mean to overcome objections?

It means realizing when prospects have an interest.

It means realizing when prospects are afraid of making a mistake.

It means realizing that the prospect isnít confident in you as a salesperson.

Prospect interest
Sometimes when a prospect has an interest, he or she may not want to come across as being too eager. In this case, the prospect will give objections to ensure he or she stays in control of the process.

Prospect fear
Many times, prospects are concerned about doing the wrong thing. If they are considering the purchase of something they know little about, or if they have made mistakes in the past, they will offer questions in the form of objections.

Prospect lack of confidence
Many times, the prospect may feel that his or her sales professional is not competent or confident and therefore wants more information from other sources. This is why it is essential that you make a compelling presentation and represent yourself as a professional who knows your company, products, and services.

Remember what Todd Duncan and Tom Hopkins said about objections:

Your direction is a result of your perception.
Todd Duncan, High Trust Selling

Objections are a required ingredient in the selling process.
Tom Hopkins, Low Profile Selling

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