"I have known Gary OíSullivan for many years. In all my dealings with him I have found him to be a person of the highest professional character and personal integrity. His dedication and commitment to our profession is unwavering, and his desire to serve others is unmatched."
Robert Fells
External Chief Operating Office, ICFA


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GOSELL If you want to learn sales principles that will quickly give you the power to sell more, this is the program you will want to listen to every day.
Recognized for his practical, simple, how-to GOSELL principles, Gary OíSullivan will be sharing his unique, innovative and creative ways to sell. With-fast paced ideas and pointed insights, you donít need to listen for hours, just minutes.
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Mon, Apr 13, 2009
Episode Summary:
What really makes the difference in high performers? If itís not experience and if itís not intelligence, what is it? Listen to this program and hear about what some researchers suggest.
Length: 02:18
File Size: 3.18MB
TAGS: Sales
Mon, Jan 12, 2009
Episode Summary:
What does having goals and a clearly defined plan do for you? In this session Gary shares with you the six major benefits of having a well defined goal and a plan in place.
Length: 02:02
File Size: 2.81MB
TAGS: Goals
Mon, Jan 5, 2009
Episode Summary:
Gary shares a quote he came across that gave him a new understanding about the power of referrals.
Length: 02:05
File Size: 2.87MB
TAGS: Referrals
Sat, Dec 27, 2008
Episode Summary:
In this session Gary shares the principle of creating self motivators. He shares where he learned the concept and first self motivator he created to encourage him to prospect more consistently.
Length: 02:12
File Size: 3.03MB
TAGS: Prospecting
Sales Police
Wed, Oct 8, 2008
Episode Summary:
What if the sales police existed, what if they followed you around, would you do what you should when you should? Listen to Gary OíSullivan to see how this principle can help keep you doing what matters most.
Length: 03:35
File Size: 4.70MB
TAGS: Sales
Sun, Oct 5, 2008
Episode Summary:
Gary asks the question if you arenít doing one of these two things then what are you doing?
Length: 02:10
File Size: 2.98MB
TAGS: Prospecting
Sun, Sep 28, 2008
Episode Summary:
Many salespeople think about closing the place at which they need to get a decision. Gary OíSullivan disagrees. Listen to this episode to find out why
Length: 03:05
File Size: 4.25MB
TAGS: Closing
Sun, Sep 28, 2008
Episode Summary:
Gary OíSullivan addresses the idea that selling is hard. If you think it is, listen to this.
Length: 02:49
File Size: 3.87MB
TAGS: Sales
Sun, Sep 21, 2008
Episode Summary:
What is it that your prospects need to know to be willing to listen to you? What is the one thing that once they believe it, will be more willing to listen to what you have to say? What is this thing they need to know? Listen to this episode and find out.
Length: 03:13
File Size: 4.42MB
TAGS: Sales
Sun, Sep 21, 2008
Episode Summary:
Gary OíSullivan believes if you donít get this right, than nothing else matters.
Length: 01:55
File Size: 2.65MB
TAGS: Sales, Prospecting
Tue, Sep 16, 2008
Episode Summary:
Do you act with a sense of urgency or emergency? Gary OíSullivan helps you realize the difference.
Length: 02:40
File Size: 3.67MB
TAGS: Sales
Sat, Sep 13, 2008
Episode Summary:
Do you have a philosophy by which you sell? Gary OíSullivan does and in this episode he shares his and explains why he believes having a philosophy is important.
Length: 06:16
File Size: 8.51MB
TAGS: Sales
Fri, Sep 12, 2008
Episode Summary:
In this episode Gary OíSullivan reminds you that you are either selling yourself into or out of business and what to do about it.
Length: 01:59
File Size: 2.73MB
TAGS: Sales, Referrals
Wed, Aug 13, 2008
Episode Summary:
How many secretes to success have you heard? How things have you been told you have to do to be successful? If you like most people the answer is a lot. In this episode Gary shares with you the one required element for success.
Length: 03:23
File Size: 4.65MB
TAGS: SalesSuccess
Wed, Aug 13, 2008
Episode Summary:
He started selling door to door at the age of 18 years old and is still selling today. In the introduction to GO SELL Gary will share with you how this program will help you GO SELL MORE!
Length: 02:00
File Size: 2.77MB
TAGS: Introduction


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