"There are very few "sure things" when it comes to planning a conference, but having Gary O'Sullivan on the program takes the guesswork out of our keynote. He always comes through. From his pre-conference preparation, to his message, to his delivery, Gary gives a first-class presentation every time. Our members consistently rate him as a top speaker, as someone who educates, challenges and inspires. Gary is both passionate and sincere, both authoritative and likable, and these are powerful combinations for any speaker. "
Linda Budzinski
Director of Communications and Membership Services, International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association


Podcast Episodes

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Audio Program:
GOINSPIRE If you need food for your mind to keep it motivated and thinking positive, this is the program you need to download into your mind!
Getting and staying enthusiastic is a day-to-day challenge for most of us. Most people need help to maintain their enthusiasm and motivation, and each episode in this program is designed to do just that.
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Thu, Apr 2, 2009
Episode Summary:
Once Dr. Norman Vincent Peale asked W. Clement Stone, “How do you maintain your enthusiasm?” The concept that worded for him will work for you. Gary shares with you the answer Stone shared.
Length: 01:54
File Size: 2.62MB
TAGS: Motivation
Sun, Nov 2, 2008
Episode Summary:
Have you ever wondered what the main difference between winners and loser is? Gary O’Sullivan has and he shares what he believes separates winners from losers.
Length: 02:20
File Size: 3.40MB
TAGS: Motivation
Sun, Oct 26, 2008
Episode Summary:
If you want to be successful, if you want to accomplish more, achieve more; then it is important to know where it is that everything you will ever do starts.
Length: 03:49
File Size: 5.26MB
TAGS: Motivation
Our Only Limits
Sun, Oct 5, 2008
Episode Summary:
Do you think there are limits to what you can have? To what you can achieve? Gary O’Sullivan believes there are and in the episode he shares his view on who sets them.
Length: 02:33
File Size: 3.63MB
TAGS: Motivation
Sun, Sep 21, 2008
Episode Summary:
Have do you get inspired? Gary shares what inspires him and gives you a classic example about rediscovering something he already knew, but had forgotten.
Length: 02:47
File Size: 3.83MB
TAGS: Motivation
Tue, Aug 12, 2008
Episode Summary:
Do you ever get discouraged? Do you ever think about giving up? Quick, click on the session with Gary O’Sullivan and you will get the insight and inspiration you need to never give up.
Length: 04:53
File Size: 6.71MB
TAGS: Failure, GiveUp, Encouragement
Tue, Aug 12, 2008
Episode Summary:
What is GO INSPIRE all about? Your host of GO WEB RADIO Gary O’Sullivan will tell you what the program is and how he believes it will INSPIRE YOU!
Length: 02:01
File Size: 2.79MB
TAGS: Introduction


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