"I have known Gary O’Sullivan for many years. In all my dealings with him I have found him to be a person of the highest professional character and personal integrity. His dedication and commitment to our profession is unwavering, and his desire to serve others is unmatched."
Robert Fells
External Chief Operating Office, ICFA

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Our products complement our services and offer organizations an efficient and affordable way to take advantage of Gary O'Sullivan's unique insights and teachings.

Audio CDs
Audio CDs
Now you can benefit from Gary O'Sullivan's insights and principles from the comfort of your home or office, and even from your car! In response to demand from participants in Gary's seminars and keynote addresses, he has compiled some of his most popular topics and published them in audio CD format.
Products in Audio CDs:
  • 5 Principles for Business Survival
  • A Basic Approach to Selling Preneed
  • Leading With Integrity
  • Fundamentals of the Sales Process
  • Selling on Purpose
  • PrinciplePower Concepts to Your Success
  • The Power to Prospect

5 Principles for Business Survival

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5 Principles for Business Survival
With his characteristic humor and inimitable style, Gary O'Sullivan delivers timely and timeless insights about business survival to an international audience of business leaders in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Recorded live (Running Time: 54:34)
"I don't know how you came in here this morning... but let me tell you how I hope you came in here this morning. I really hope you came in here stupid."

With that kickoff, Gary O'Sullivan began his keynote presentation to an audience consisting of nearly one thousand members of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) at their annual Conference & Exposition in March of 2007.

Keeping his audience captivated, laughing and thinking for the next hour, Gary shared insights and anecdotes about the challenges brought on by the rapidly-changing business landscape, and he offered five proven principles for meeting those challenges and achieving success.

Gary's presentation was so well received by this truly international group of attendees — represeting the U.S. and twenty other countries — that it earned him the distinction of Top-Rated Speaker at the conference!

Order this audio CD, and you, too, can benefit from the insights in Gary's presentation.


For a business to survive in the dynamic world in which we operate, our businesses today require tenacious strategies and keen focus — strategies of time-tested principles that have the power to guide us through rapid change and the uncertainties of the future. The ability to keep a laser focus on the things we need to change and those that should remain the same is imperative for business survival. Gary’s presentation causes us to examine both.


Along with his trademark concept Principle Power™ concept, Gary shares the five principles that will give you the power to face the challenges of the future. Listening to this audio presentation, you will learn:

  1. How leaders and their decisions affect the future of a business

  2. How a company’s culture affects its bottom-line

  3. How to differentiate your business from the competition

  4. Why organizations must be change-driven

  5. How the people-factor will impact your business as never before in history

Focus: Sales Management Skills
Price: $20.00

A Basic Approach to Selling Preneed

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A Basic Approach to Selling Preneed
This audio series was recorded live at a statewide sales conference at which Gary was the featured speaker. Although it was recorded in the early 90’s the principles and concepts that shared are still relevant today. This is one of the reasons it has become the best selling audio series on selling preneed of all times.
"This is the best selling audio series on the Preneed in history."

"Principles don't change – Only technique and application do."
Gary O'Sullivan, CCFE

  • CD 1 We've All Walked the Same Streets

  • CD 2 Building Value in the Appointment

  • CD 3 Dealing with Objections to the Appointment

  • CD 4 See the People – The Importance of Prospecting

  • CD 5 Getting Referrals

  • CD 6 Focus on the Decision - Not the Objections

Focus: Selling Skills
Price: $69.00

Leading With Integrity

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Leading With Integrity
Captured live — with all the motivation, humor, and excitement of Gary O'Sullivan's live presentations! Listening to this live session, you will feel as if you are there as you laugh and learn along with the live audience. But most of all, you will gain important insights into the value of integrity — the single most important value any leader can and must have in order to lead his or her organization to success.
The Leading With Integrity audio presentation will help you discover:

  1. Why it's a shame that integrity has had to become such a big deal

  2. How to use the PrinciplePower™ concept to help you focus on the integrity aspect of leadership

  3. The two little words that have a huge impact on a leader's ability to lead

  4. A lesson of integrity from the floor of the NY Stock Exchange

  5. Why some businesses do not have integrity

  6. The seven laws of integrity

  7. How a leader sets the standards for integrity in an organization

  8. The common thread that runs through most successful companies

Focus: Sales Management Skills
Price: $20.00

Fundamentals of the Sales Process

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Fundamentals of the Sales Process
Learning new sales skills is important, but staying brilliant at the basics is of central importance. In this audio presentation, Gary identifies, defines, explains, and helps you stay focused on the eight fundamentals of the sales process. Designed especially for sales professionals in the prearrangement industry, this audio presentation addresses the fundamentals of the sales process as they specifically relate to the concepts of selling before need.
From this Fundamentals of the Sales Process audio presentation you will learn these eight fundamentals:

  1. The importance of having a sales philosophy

  2. The value of planning

  3. How to get excited about prospecting

  4. How to manage rejection

  5. The value of making a planned presentation

  6. How to handle objections

  7. How to close more effectively

  8. The importance of referrals
Focus: Selling Skills
Price: $20.00

Selling on Purpose

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Selling on Purpose
Are you selling — or are you selling on purpose? People who sell with a clearly defined purpose prospect longer, sell more, and sell more consistently. When you sell on purpose, you no longer focus on you; you focus on others. Designed especially for sales professionals in the prearrangement industry, this audio presentation addresses the fundamentals of the sales process as they specifically relate to the concepts of selling before need.
Complete with anecdotes from Gary O'Sullivan's actual experiences in sales, the Selling on Purpose audio presentation covers:

  1. Defining Your Why

  2. Learning To Sell On Purpose

  3. What Drives You

  4. How Purpose Helps You Deal With Challenges

  5. The Power of Your Habits

  6. Our Service

  7. The Difference Between a Job and a Career

  8. The Improvement Process for Future Success

  9. The Formula for Personal Development
Focus: Selling Skills
Price: $20.00

PrinciplePower Concepts to Your Success

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PrinciplePower Concepts to Your Success
Captured Live! Listening to this double audio CD, you will feel like you have a front row seat at one of Gary O’Sullivan’s live presentations. Recorded live during an actual session with a group of sales professionals, this 2-CD audio program covers all aspects of the selling profession, from discovering your potential to effective goal-setting.
You will hear exactly what those sales professional heard: the funny stories, the unique philosophy, and Gary's insightful how-to selling concepts delivered in Gary's inimitable way. Like all of Gary's audio programs, this is a program you can listen to over and over, each time deepening your understanding and reinforcing best practices.
Length: 84 minutes

The PrinciplePower Concepts to Your Success audio presentation covers:

  1. How to discover your potential

  2. Why having a philosophy in selling is important

  3. The importance of professionalism in selling today

  4. Why people who master prospecting sell more

  5. Understanding the three marketing cycles

  6. What is required to have an effective day

  7. Why having a goal matters

  8. The key elements for creating a goal

  9. Learn what is more important than reaching a goal

Focus: Selling Skills
Price: $35.00

The Power to Prospect

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The Power to Prospect
If you need to stay motivated to prospect on a consistent basis, this audio program is for you. Using the unique one-on-one training format of Gary O'Sullivan's new "Your Personal Sales Trainer" series, you will learn from one of the profession's most highly regarded trainers how he struggled with prospecting and what he did to overcome his reluctance.
The Power to Prospect is the first audio program in Gary O'Sullivan's new series, "Your Personal Sales Trainer".

The single biggest reason sales professionals fail is that they don't prospect on a regular basis. Gary O'Sullivan has been teaching this critical concept to sales professionals for years: “Salespeople find people to sell and sell the people they find. If they don’t find people, they don’t sell.” In other words, if you don’t have people to see nothing else really matters.

The Power to Prospect audio program covers:

  1. Why having new people to see is a key aspect to your success

  2. Understanding whose responsibility it is for you to have people to see

  3. Learn the power of self motivators to help you do what you need to do

  4. Taking personal responsibility for your success

  5. What is required to have a great day with the 4321 concept

  6. Where the power to prospect comes from

  7. Three power principles to motivate you to prospect

  8. The only two productive activities that impact your success

Focus: Selling Skills
Price: $20.00


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With a rich and impressive resume dating back to 1971 — with experience in direct sales, middle management, and upper management as senior vice president of marketing for a publicly-traded national company — Gary O'Sullivan understands business from every viewpoint.

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