"Gary is an entertaining, effective and memorable sales trainer. Gary has a way of putting people at ease. I appreciate his quality of character and professionalism."
Virginia Aspy
National Sales Manager, Grace Management

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Our products complement our services and offer organizations an efficient and affordable way to take advantage of Gary O'Sullivan's unique insights and teachings.

The Gary O'Sullivan Company is proud to announce the addition of a Merchandise line to its suite of products. Quality companion products like the GOSELL Cap are not only practical, but they serve as reminders, motivators, and conversation-starters!
Products in Merchandise:
  • PrinciplePower For Sales Success Mem-Cards
  • The GOSELL Cap
  • The PrinciplePower Cap

PrinciplePower For Sales Success Mem-Cards

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PrinciplePower For Sales Success Mem-Cards
Sales consultants and sales executives alike can turn these 26 pocket-size cards (exactly the size of standard playing cards) into powerful reminders, motivators and training tools to dramatically improve sales success.
Each deck includes 26 cards based on Gary O'Sullivan's book, PrinciplePower For Sales Success. One side of each card displays one of Garyís Principles for Sales Success; on the reverse side is described the Power you will possess by learning to incorporate the principle into your daily sales efforts. All in a set of cards you can carry in your pocket!

How to Use the Mem-Cards

Individual Use:
  • Read a card a day (aloud and silently). Keep that day's card nearby, and refer to it often. If you're traveling, put it in your pocket or purse, and take it along.

  • Immerse yourself in the entire deck. Read the deck in its entirety, focusing on the specific cards for which you have the greatest need.

  • Use your imagination—come up with your own personal way of using Mem-Cards that works best for you.

Corporate Training:
  • Conduct short Mem-Cards meetings, focusing on one new card each day. Ask your staff how they would use that day's tip to more effectively handle a specific challenge or opportunity. Send each person out with the card, to review throughout the day. Optional: Let associates pick their own cards.
Price: $12.95


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Staying focused and motivated is one of the selling professionís biggest challenges. To keep you motivated for and focused on selling, we have just the tool for you: our GO SELL Cap.
The GOSELL Cap is attractive, sharp, and fun. It's motivating and a conversation starter. Every time you see the cap, you will be reminded to do what makes you a living: GOSELL.

When you wear this handsome cap, it will tell others what you do for a living: that you SELL. People will be intrigued, and they'll ask you WHAT you SELL. You'll get new prospects and new opportunities to GOSELL them!

Gary O'Sullivan's GOSELL Cap is lightweight and fully adjustable. It is made of 100% woven cotton with an embroidered logo on the front and our Web-site address embroidered on the back.

Have a little fun and stay motivated to GOSELL more every day.
Price: $20.00

The PrinciplePower Cap

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The PrinciplePower Cap
The Gary O'Sullivan PrinciplePower Cap is just one more tool for reinforcing the things that matter most. Every time you reach for your cap, you'll be reminded of the power that principles possess. You'll be encouraged to look for principles everywhere you go and in everything you do.
Everyone knows that reinforcement is one of the master keys to success. Consistent and constant reinforcement helps strengthen and support the ideas and ideals of success.

The good news is that reinforcement comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. You can listen over and over again to inspirational audio CDs. You can review training materials from that training seminar you attended. You can re-watch video programs as many times as you want.

And now you can wear the Gary O'Sullivan Company PrinciplePower Cap everywhere you go!

Gary O'Sullivan's PrinciplePower Cap is lightweight and fully adjustable. It is made of 100% woven cotton with an embroidered logo on the front.

To help keep the motivation alive, order your PrinciplePower Cap today.
Price: $20.00


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Wealth of Experience

With a rich and impressive resume dating back to 1971 — with experience in direct sales, middle management, and upper management as senior vice president of marketing for a publicly-traded national company — Gary O'Sullivan understands business from every viewpoint.

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