"I have known Gary O’Sullivan for many years. In all my dealings with him I have found him to be a person of the highest professional character and personal integrity. His dedication and commitment to our profession is unwavering, and his desire to serve others is unmatched."
Robert Fells
External Chief Operating Office, ICFA

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5 Principles for Business Survival

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5 Principles for Business Survival

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5 Principles for Business Survival
With his characteristic humor and inimitable style, Gary O'Sullivan delivers timely and timeless insights about business survival to an international audience of business leaders in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Recorded live (Running Time: 54:34)
"I don't know how you came in here this morning... but let me tell you how I hope you came in here this morning. I really hope you came in here stupid."

With that kickoff, Gary O'Sullivan began his keynote presentation to an audience consisting of nearly one thousand members of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) at their annual Conference & Exposition in March of 2007.

Keeping his audience captivated, laughing and thinking for the next hour, Gary shared insights and anecdotes about the challenges brought on by the rapidly-changing business landscape, and he offered five proven principles for meeting those challenges and achieving success.

Gary's presentation was so well received by this truly international group of attendees — represeting the U.S. and twenty other countries — that it earned him the distinction of Top-Rated Speaker at the conference!

Order this audio CD, and you, too, can benefit from the insights in Gary's presentation.


For a business to survive in the dynamic world in which we operate, our businesses today require tenacious strategies and keen focus — strategies of time-tested principles that have the power to guide us through rapid change and the uncertainties of the future. The ability to keep a laser focus on the things we need to change and those that should remain the same is imperative for business survival. Gary’s presentation causes us to examine both.


Along with his trademark concept Principle Power™ concept, Gary shares the five principles that will give you the power to face the challenges of the future. Listening to this audio presentation, you will learn:

  1. How leaders and their decisions affect the future of a business

  2. How a company’s culture affects its bottom-line

  3. How to differentiate your business from the competition

  4. Why organizations must be change-driven

  5. How the people-factor will impact your business as never before in history

Focus: Sales Management Skills
Price: $20.00


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With a rich and impressive resume dating back to 1971 — with experience in direct sales, middle management, and upper management as senior vice president of marketing for a publicly-traded national company — Gary O'Sullivan understands business from every viewpoint.

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