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The GOSELL SYSTEM: 12 Months of Sales Meetings

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The GOSELL SYSTEM: 12 Months of Sales Meetings

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The GOSELL SYSTEM: 12 Months of Sales Meetings
It's Monday morning. You're facing your sales team in the conference room in thirty minutes for your weekly sales meeting. What will you talk about today? As a sales manager, one of your biggest challenges is planning and conducting informative and motivating sales meetings each and every week. Gary O'Sullivan created The GOSELL System: 12 Months of Sales Meetings to help you meet this challenge!
This idea-packed CD-ROM contains twelve months worth of ideas and concepts (in 60 editable Microsoft Word documents) to help you plan and deliver instructional and motivational sales meetings week after week. The materials address the fundamentals of the sales process, from setting goals to closing the sale, with a focus on two attitudes that are critical in a salesperson’s journey: failure and success.


  1. Goals

  2. Planning

  3. Rejection

  4. Prospecting

  5. Appointment Setting

  6. Rapport Building

  7. Making Effective Presentations

  8. Objections

  9. Closing

  10. Referrals

  11. Why Most Sales People Fail

  12. The Effort Required For Success

With over 100 sales-oriented quotes, you will be able to drive home and reinforce the competencies that are addressed in each module. Quotes are particularly effective instructional tools because they help reinforce ideas and concepts in memorable ways.

How to Use the GOSELL SYSTEM

On the CD-ROM you will find a folder called The GOSELL SYSTEM. In this folder are 12 monthly folders. Each monthly folder contains five word documents. One document is named Monthly Theme and introduces the topic for the month. For example, the theme for the month of January is Goals. This Monthly Theme addresses the importance of having goals and lists ten disciplines required for goal accomplishment. Accompanying the Monthly Theme are four more GOSELL documents, each of which contains a quick reminder about the theme, three bullet-point concepts to reinforce the theme and two quotes to support the theme.

There are at least three ways to use The GOSELL SYSTEM to supplement the current sales training and development of your staff:

Using the SYSTEM for annual reinforcement:
Use one theme each month. Use the main theme to get the topic addressed and then use one of the four GOSELL modules each week to continue to discuss and reinforce the skill or attitude addressed by the theme. Using the GOSELL SYSTEM this way you have over 52 weeks of meetings.

Using the SYSTEM for quarterly reinforcement:
Use the system to review the 12 topics covered. Address one theme each week for 12 weeks. The last week of the quarter focus on the one area where your staff needs the most reinforcement. By following this plan, you will be addressing the main fundamentals of the sales process and key attitudes four times a year.

Using the SYSTEM for random reinforcement:
The weekly GOSELL reinforcement pages help support and drive key concepts of the sales process you are addressing.

The pages in The GOSELL SYSTEM are designed to help you, the sales manager, stimulate discussion with your sales team. To enhance the overall learning experience, have the members of your sales team share their interpretations and reflections, based on the concepts and principles offered on each page of The GOSELL SYSTEM.

People learn better when they are engaged in the process. As the ancient proverb reminds us, "Show me I will see, tell me I will hear, but involve me and I will learn." Getting people involved in the learning process is an essential aspect of reinforcement.

Remember: "Sales never get better – People do."
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