"Gary truly gets to know our business as his own which helps make him a true inspiration."
Janet Rosman
Sales and Marketing Manager, Quiet Places

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Leading With Integrity

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Leading With Integrity

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Leading With Integrity
Captured live with all the motivation, humor, and excitement of Gary O'Sullivan's live presentations! Listening to this live session, you will feel as if you are there as you laugh and learn along with the live audience. But most of all, you will gain important insights into the value of integrity the single most important value any leader can and must have in order to lead his or her organization to success.
The Leading With Integrity audio presentation will help you discover:

  1. Why it's a shame that integrity has had to become such a big deal

  2. How to use the PrinciplePower™ concept to help you focus on the integrity aspect of leadership

  3. The two little words that have a huge impact on a leader's ability to lead

  4. A lesson of integrity from the floor of the NY Stock Exchange

  5. Why some businesses do not have integrity

  6. The seven laws of integrity

  7. How a leader sets the standards for integrity in an organization

  8. The common thread that runs through most successful companies

Focus: Sales Management Skills
Price: $20.00


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With a rich and impressive resume dating back to 1971 — with experience in direct sales, middle management, and upper management as senior vice president of marketing for a publicly-traded national company — Gary O'Sullivan understands business from every viewpoint.

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