"When you chair a company, you understand the urgency to drive revenues every day. You know that sales leaders and sales managers have to transfer the principles, behaviors and skills to their sales people. You know that sales people have to acquire the proper selling habits and hone their skills every day. Gary OíSullivanís time-tested principles for leading and managing a sales organization—for selling excellence and keeping the sales culture alive and thriving—unquestionably represent the BEST opportunity for developing a sales organization. Partnering with GO is how you keep your sales organization selling at its BEST! "
B. E. Stoecklein
Chairman and CEO, CMS Mid-Atlantic, Inc.

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Fundamentals of the Sales Process

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Fundamentals of the Sales Process

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Fundamentals of the Sales Process
Learning new sales skills is important, but staying brilliant at the basics is of central importance. In this audio presentation, Gary identifies, defines, explains, and helps you stay focused on the eight fundamentals of the sales process. Designed especially for sales professionals in the prearrangement industry, this audio presentation addresses the fundamentals of the sales process as they specifically relate to the concepts of selling before need.
From this Fundamentals of the Sales Process audio presentation you will learn these eight fundamentals:

  1. The importance of having a sales philosophy

  2. The value of planning

  3. How to get excited about prospecting

  4. How to manage rejection

  5. The value of making a planned presentation

  6. How to handle objections

  7. How to close more effectively

  8. The importance of referrals
Focus: Selling Skills
Price: $20.00


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