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Selling on Purpose

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Selling on Purpose

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Selling on Purpose
Are you selling or are you selling on purpose? People who sell with a clearly defined purpose prospect longer, sell more, and sell more consistently. When you sell on purpose, you no longer focus on you; you focus on others. Designed especially for sales professionals in the prearrangement industry, this audio presentation addresses the fundamentals of the sales process as they specifically relate to the concepts of selling before need.
Complete with anecdotes from Gary O'Sullivan's actual experiences in sales, the Selling on Purpose audio presentation covers:

  1. Defining Your Why

  2. Learning To Sell On Purpose

  3. What Drives You

  4. How Purpose Helps You Deal With Challenges

  5. The Power of Your Habits

  6. Our Service

  7. The Difference Between a Job and a Career

  8. The Improvement Process for Future Success

  9. The Formula for Personal Development
Focus: Selling Skills
Price: $20.00


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Wealth of Experience

With a rich and impressive resume dating back to 1971 — with experience in direct sales, middle management, and upper management as senior vice president of marketing for a publicly-traded national company — Gary O'Sullivan understands business from every viewpoint.

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