"We have enjoyed working with Gary, although he wears us out with his energy. We have learned a tremendous amount from him and continue to look to him as a "partner" in our business."
Marla J. Noel
President, Fairhaven Memorial Park and Mortuary

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The Power to Sell Preneed

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The Power to Sell Preneed

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The Power to Sell Preneed
This 10-disc video program is the most comprehensive how-to — and why-to— training program available today for professionals in the prearrangement industry.
Now you can have Gary O'Sullivan — one of the nation's most sought-after keynote speakers, trainers, and consultants — as your personal sales trainer. Through these videos, Gary will share with you his unique insights into the challenges and solutions of selling preneed.

Here's what you get from this 10-disc video program:

Making a Career of Selling Preneed

  • The difference between a career and a job

  • The ServiceSelling concept

  • What will have the biggest on your future

Selling the Preneed Concept

  • Why you don't sell what it is

  • The purpose of preneed

  • What people really buy

The Power to Prospect – Part One

  • The reason most people fail

  • Where the sales process starts

  • Six concepts for effective prospecting

The Power to Prospect – Part Two

  • Why prospecting is the key to sales success

  • How self-motivators can keep you going

  • Where do you spend your time prospecting?

Learning to Deal with Rejection

  • Why people don't prospect

  • Warning signs that you fear rejection

  • How to manage prospecting reluctance

Effective use of the Planning Guide

  • How it's a marketing tool

  • How to present the guide

  • How to get referrals using the guide

The Value of Making an Effective Presentation

  • Learn where the presentation begins

  • Why a structured presentation is essential

  • How to use logic and emotion

Overcoming Objections

  • Learn why objections are good

  • Why people give objections

  • Six steps to overcoming objections

Concepts on Closing the Sale

  • Learn where you start closing

  • Why closing is serving

  • How to help your prospect to decide

How to Get Referrals

  • Why most people don't get referrals

  • Why referrals are the best lead source

  • Concepts on how to ask

Audience: Sales Professionals, Sales Managers
Focus: Selling Skills
Price: $649.00


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Wealth of Experience

With a rich and impressive resume dating back to 1971 — with experience in direct sales, middle management, and upper management as senior vice president of marketing for a publicly-traded national company — Gary O'Sullivan understands business from every viewpoint.

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