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"Gary brings value and first-hand experience to our sales training and staff development programs."
Jim Schiffler
President, Sunburst Memorials

Resources from Gary O'Sullivan

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How much lead time to you need to secure a date for a speaking engagement?

2. What topics can you speak to in your keynote addresses and how long do they last?

3. What are your fees for keynotes, seminars, and consulting?


1. Why would one want to re-take one of the Web-Based Training course sessions?

2. Can the Web-Based Training be used for a group?

3. Why does your Web-Based Training program use CDs?

4. If the Web-Based Training Program uses CDs, why do I need to be connected to the Internet?

5. Are there volume discounts for the book, PrinciplePower for Sales Success?


1. What makes Gary O’Sullivan different?

2. What real-world experiences does Gary have in sales?

3. Why does the Gary O'Sullivan Company think a company’s culture is so important?


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Wealth of Experience

With a rich and impressive resume dating back to 1971 — with experience in direct sales, middle management, and upper management as senior vice president of marketing for a publicly-traded national company — Gary O'Sullivan understands business from every viewpoint.

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