Gary O'Sullivan Company Services:

"There are very few "sure things" when it comes to planning a conference, but having Gary O'Sullivan on the program takes the guesswork out of our keynote. He always comes through. From his pre-conference preparation, to his message, to his delivery, Gary gives a first-class presentation every time. Our members consistently rate him as a top speaker, as someone who educates, challenges and inspires. Gary is both passionate and sincere, both authoritative and likable, and these are powerful combinations for any speaker. "
Linda Budzinski
Director of Communications and Membership Services, International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association

Gary O'Sullivan Company Services

Overview of Gary O'Sullivan Services

The mission of the Gary O'Sullivan Company is simple:

We build people to build business.

We know that sales never improve; people do. We know that businesses never get better; people do. We know the business can never be something the leadership is not.

This is why we focus on developing the people who will improve business &mdash at all levels. Our entire approach is built around the principles of equipping people with the power they need to be their best.

The Gary O'Sullivan Company can help businesses in several ways.

Keynote Addresses

Because of his vast experience of over three decades — from selling door-to-door, to his role in sales management, to his responsibilities as a senior executive — Gary O'Sullivan can speak to new sales professionals, seasoned sales veterans, managers, and senior leadership. Gary understands the profession at every level and is respected by all audiences.
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Seminars & Workshops

Gary O'Sullivan's seminars and workshops are fast-past and filled with motivation, humor, and — most importantly — how-to skills. From basic selling skills to sales management insights, from customer service abilities to senior management and leadership expertise; Gary gets the audience excited and involved.
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Consulting Engagements

The foundation of our efforts is to transfer talent into results. We help transform talent into results to improve sales performance; we use the organization's culture to improve customer service; and we help companies develop leaders at every level. Our unique model focuses on improving the people that improve the organization.
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Our products complement our services and offer organizations an efficient and affordable way to take advantage of Gary O'Sullivan's unique insights and teachings

Proven Track Record

Working with some of the top firms in the nation, Gary O'Sullivan has a track record of building strong relationships, implementing needed change, and achieving the desired results.

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